SUZUKI GRAND VITARA 2.0L 2007 Automatic Transmission
BBS LM 20″ | Accelera 245/40

Pemilik: Ignatius Roy (17)
Lokasi: Kelapa Gading, Jakarta Timur


” I’m 17 years old, still seating in high school, will be graduate next year. I liked cars since i was young, it started back when i was little, my parents used to buy me lot toys. I started modifying  my car the one that used to drive me to school back when i was 6 years old. then i got this Suzuki Grand Vitara in 2007, i am waiting for years to get the permission from my parents to modify this car and in 2011 i got the permission finally. Then started changing everything – every parts – step by step, it was a long journey for me to build this car, without any knowledged, i read forums and magazines etc. Because i safe my own money to buy things, that made me to know, and make sure thing i wanna buy before i buy it. This car was also used to drop and pick me up to school. Back in 2007 till 2011, i still remember huw much i wanted to build this car. It was such a child hood dream that i guess anyone else felt that way too.. “